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dx-sync-module synchronizes changes in files with Magnolia repositories.

It allows to edit templates scripts, CSS, JavaScript and files located in DMS directly from IDE or editor of your choice. Changes are instantly propagated to Magnolia repositories of a running Magnolia instance.
So you can preview your changes on the website as soon as you save your files.

The following resource types are supported at the moment:

  • ftl (Freemarker script, stored in resources repository)
  • ftl_file (Freemarker script, stored in module files)
  • jsp (JSP script)
  • js, processedJs (JavaScript resources)
  • css, processedCss (CSS resources)
  • file (files stored in DMS)

The module is released under GPL license.


Synchronization is performed on a directory basis. Each directory that is needed synchronization should be listed in the configuration file.

Config example
# Source path, Magnolia path, resource type                                                               \
# Possible resource types are:
# - css
# - processedCss
# - js
# - processedJs
# - ftl
# - ftl_file
# - jsp
# - file

abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\templates, templates:/abc/templates, ftl
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\templates\content, templates:/abc/templates/content, ftl
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\templates\control, templates:/abc/templates/content, ftl
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\templates\paragraphs, templates:/abc/templates/paragraphs, ftl
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\css, resources:/abc/css, processedCss
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\css\main, resources:/abc/css/main, processedCss
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\css\main\colors, resources:/abc/css/main/colors, processedCss
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\css\main\content, resources:/abc/css/main/content, processedCss
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\js, resources:/abc/js, processedJs
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\js\ckeditor, resources:/abc/js/ckeditor, js
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\js\all, resources:/abc/js/all, js
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\js\all\dx, resources:/abc/js/all/dx, js
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\img, dms:/abc/img, file
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\img\dark, dms:/abc/img/dark, file
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\img\light, dms:/abc/img/light, file
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\resources, dms:/abc/resources, file
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\resources\dark, dms:/abc/resources/dark, file
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\resources\light, dms:/abc/resources/light, file
abc-website\src\main\resources\abc\robots, dms:/abc/robots, file

2 parameters should be specified for this module.

  • dx.sync.sources - path to the root of source files. Directory paths in the configuration file are relative to this path.  
    By default, the directory which is parent to Tomcat location is used (for example, if Tomcat is located under C:\work\project\apache-tomcat-6.0.32, the directory C:\work\project will be used).
  • dx.sync.config - location of the configuration file.
    By default, sync.csv in directory which is parent to Tomcat location is used (for example, if Tomcat is located under C:\work\project\apache-tomcat-6.0.32, the file C:\work\project\sync.csv is used). 



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