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JAgent framework helps you to implement java agents. It has some extra functionality instead of standard Java's API.

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Class redefining

By default, java agents don't redefine already loaded classes. Standard API has method java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation#redefineClasses(ClassDefinition... definitions) to redefine them. But it's impossible to redefine some classes (for example, java.lang.String) using this method.


See scheme below to understand how to write java agents with this feature: JAgent based agent schemeImage Removed 

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Fast logging

Every JAgent instance has a Log object which is used to write logs efficiently. You can use JAgent#getLog() method to get the Log object for your purposes.


    <!-- maven-dependency-plugin is used to copy your agent into target directory -->
    <!-- Configure maven-surefire-plugin to use your agent -->

Getting support