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It allows to edit templates scripts, CSS, JavaScript and other files directly from IDE or editor of your choice. Changes are instantly propagated to Magnolia repositories of a running Magnolia instance.
So you can preview your changes on the website as soon as you save your files.
Creating, updating, deleting and renaming files operations are supported. 


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Code Block
keepUpToDateResources("/mgnl-files", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.MGNL_FILE);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/img", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.DMS_FILE);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/themes/img", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.DMS_FILE);
keepUpToDateResources("/dev/docs", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.DMS_FILE);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/js", Scope.FOLDER_ONLY, ResourceType.RESOURCE_PROCESSED_JS);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/js", Scope.SUBFOLDERS_ONLY, ResourceType.RESOURCE_JS);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/themes/abc/css", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.RESOURCE_PROCESSED_CSS);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/emails", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.TEMPLATE);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/paragraphs", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.TEMPLATE);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/templates", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.TEMPLATE);
keepUpToDateResources("/search-module/templates", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.TEMPLATE);
keepUpToDateResources("/abc/groovy", Scope.FOLDER_AND_SUBFOLDERS, ResourceType.GROOVY_SCRIPT);


DxModuleVersionHandler may work in 2 modes.

  • Development mode.
    This mode is in use when -DdevPlatform=true JVM argument is specified. In this case all changes in source files are instantly propagated to the running Magnolia CMS.
  • Production mode.
    This mode is used by default. All resources are synchronized on module start up using usual Magnolia tasks.
    Note: you don't need jnotify library in Production mode.
File-based configuration

You can specify which files are to be synchronized in a configuration file.
Synchronization is performed on a directory basis. Each directory that is needed synchronization should be listed in the configuration file.